Baby Max, 25 days old
We’re honored to raise awareness about the challenges and triumphs that families of premature newborns face as part of Prematurity Awareness Month. Last week, we shared the story of Baby Grace and her family, and this week we are grateful to be ...Read More
November is recognized as Prematurity Awareness Month and in celebration, we are honored to share this guest blog post from an amazing family.  We met Autumn and her baby, Grace, at Nationwide Children’s Hospital after the hospital had ...Read More
Benefits of Skin to Skin contact between Dad and a Child
Happy, happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads!  We talk a lot (as often + as loudly as we can!) about the benefits of regularly practicing skin-to-skin (S2S) contact with your infant.  We regularly get asked, “Is S2S only for Mom and baby, or ...Read More