Hospital Highlight: Indiana University Health North Riley NICU’s Kangaroo-a-thon

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Susan Wojcicki + Baby Nathaniel snuggle skin to skin during Kangaroo-a-thon

Last month we celebrated one of our favorite “holidays” – Kangaroo Care (KC) Awareness Day! We were honored to participate in amazing KC events around the country and to be involved in sharing the tremendous impact kangaroo care has on infants and their families. We teamed up with some outstanding hospitals to be a part… Read more »

What Skin to Skin Contact Has Meant To Me

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Christine Farmer + Baby NuRoo Pocket

As we continue to celebrate Kangaroo Care Awareness Day, we’re grateful to share another beautiful story and perspective on skin to skin contact.   This post is written by Christine Farmer, a professional photographer, writer and mama to two young boys. “From the moment a mother enters into labor… she has one goal: to have… Read more »

The Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact Between Dad & Baby

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Benefits of Skin to Skin contact between Dad and a Child

Happy, happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads!  We talk a lot (as often + as loudly as we can!) about the benefits of regularly practicing skin-to-skin (S2S) contact with your infant.  We regularly get asked, “Is S2S only for Mom and baby, or are there benefits for Dad too?” We’re always excited to report… Read more »