The Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact Between Dad & Baby

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Benefits of Skin to Skin contact between Dad and a Child

Happy, happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads!  We talk a lot (as often + as loudly as we can!) about the benefits of regularly practicing skin-to-skin (S2S) contact with your infant.  We regularly get asked, “Is S2S only for Mom and baby, or are there benefits for Dad too?” We’re always excited to report… Read more »

The Name Says It All

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Nuroo Logo

We often get the question, where does the name NüRoo come from? The first product we created, the NüRoo Pocket, came from our need and mom’s desire to spend uninterrupted time skin to skin with baby.  The practice of Skin-to-Skin Contact is also more formally called Kangaroo Care.  We were playing around with words and… Read more »