We often get the question, where does the name NüRoo come from?

The first product we created, the NüRoo Pocket, came from our need and mom’s desire to spend uninterrupted time skin to skin with baby.  The practice of Skin-to-Skin Contact is also more formally called Kangaroo Care.  We were playing around with words and names containing “roo” to reference Kangaroo Care.

We got the “nu” or new, from the emphasis we would place on our product innovation.  From the start, we knew that everything we developed should and would be a new take on products in the category.  Check out how the NüRoo Nursing Scarf and our 3 sizes in 1 “Grow With Me” Swaddler deliver on the promise of innovation.

Our logo also intentionally expresses our mission.  All the letters in the logo overlap, and purposely touch, paying rent to our tag line, “Closest to mom. Best for baby.”

Oh, and where does the umlaut (the dots over the U) come from?  It’s our nod and thanks to the widely adapted view and practice of skin to skin in Europe.

There you have it.  NüRoo.

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