Team NüRoo spent a few days at The ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY. First, a little background on ABC: It’s the largest tradeshow in the U.S. for gear, furniture, toys, feeding and everything else ‘baby’. Over 900 exhibitors were there showing off their wares. We didn’t have a booth, but instead, met with publications and mommy bloggers to give them a sneak peek & let them know The NüRoo Pocket is coming! The showroom floor was full of new and innovative products… below are a few favorites our mommas are sure to love!

Kozii Breastmilk Warmer by Kiinde

My husband will admit to using our microwave to heat breastmilk in a pinch (inconsolable baby = hurry!), and who knows the right temperature hot water should be to keep breastmilk in-tact (boiling = bad). Finally, a quick and easy solution to making sure the nutrients remain… Pop any frozen pump bag or bottle into the Kozii warmer and wa-la. Created by two hilarious MIT guys, gone dad. Love them.

Everything Wee Gallery

The bold graphic designs by our new friends at Wee Gallery instantly captivated us, and will do lots more for your little ones… Wee Gallery animals are made of high-contrast repeating patterns to stimulate visual and brain development in infants. And as baby grows, they will fall in love with the designs all over again recognizing animals, sounds and shapes. Better than the grow with me features of these art cards, mobiles and wall graphics are the beautiful designs. Smart Art for Little Minds. Sign us up!

Guava Mitts by Guava Kids

For moms who use socks on their newborn’s hands because they can’t find mitts that stay on, we bring you… Guava Mitts. You can keep scratches and germs at bay with these adorable, adjustable mittens. Cute, reversible designs are both stylish and purposeful. Beautiful baby essentials that work.

We caught a late flight home and didn’t land in Providence till midnight. Sam, Hope’s hubby, picked us up from the airport. Is there anything sweeter than finding this at your doorstep (and walking into a house in tip-top shape) after being gone for 4 days? Our husbands rock.




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