2015 has started with a bang!  We are thrilled to kick off the New Year with a Cribsie Award nomination for the NüRoo Nursing Scarf.

Hosted by Stroller Traffic and The Baby Guy, Cribsie Awards recognize the best products, services and websites for babies and tots.  We think the NüRoo Nursing Scarf is pretty awesome ourselves.  But, we’re honored and flattered to have it nominated by, and voted on, the people that matter most to us, parents!

Having nursed our babies here, there and everywhere we’re big advocates of Nursing In Public (NIP).  Do women need to cover up when breastfeeding their baby outside the comfort of their home? No way, Jose. But there are situations when, you’re still trying to figure out this whole nursing thing and use a cover to wade into the breastfeeding waters, or you’d rather be more discrete while breastfeeding (hello, airplane). That said, this is why our experience with the nursing covers available to us were less than desirable:

• First off, you had to remember to pack your cover.  As you fumble to find it, your hungry (read: crying) baby is growing increasingly frustrated. When you finally locate it, it’s a wrinkled mess covered in snack crumbs from the trenches of the diaper bag.  Not awesome.

• Sadly, the covers out there only kept the front of us discrete, leaving our back side, um, totally hanging out and exposed. When your nursing tank was in the laundry (that one time you got to the wash) and you needed to lift your tee-shirt up to feed baby while sliding lower and lower into the park bench to keep your back side covered – been there.  Always had to do that.

• The materials used missed the mark.  Either they were thick, scratchy and uncomfortable or thin and transparent.

• And perhaps one of the biggest.  Nothing drew more attention than an ill-fitting, over-sized, and unattractive cover. You know what we’re talking about, right?

We knew there had to be better.  And we set forth designing the NüRoo Nursing Scarf.  What makes the NüRoo Nursing Scarf so great:

• Why should a nursing cover be just for nursing? You get a beautiful fashion accessory that’s for you, too!  We aren’t breastfeeding anymore, but still wear our NüRoo scarves lots and we get compliments all the time!

• Our super soft signature fabric feels amazing on both your and baby’s skin. It’s moisture wicking (so no milk stains or absorption), wrinkle-free, lightweight and breathable. Ahhhhh.

• Snaps on the scarf allow you to restyle and reconfigure it so many ways, both for nursing baby and as an accessory.  Check out this video for a few of our favorite ways to wear this versatile piece.

How to Wear NüRoo Nursing Scarf

We feel we’ve redefined nursing covers and are thrilled to see that moms out there have agreed, by nominating us for a Cribsie Award. If you agree and love your NüRoo Nursing Scarf as much as we do, show your support by voting, and make us the proud winner! You can vote once, through January 30th, at http://cribsieawards.com/. You’ll find us in the Mealtime category, under “Most Sensible Nursing Cover”.

We thank you, our loyal fans and supporters in advance, many times over, for your vote!

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